Sto best space traits 2019

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Sto best space traits 2019

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Star Trek Online. Global Achievements. Bolokay View Profile View Posts. What is the best T6 ship? I want one that is fast, but strong and has good weapons. Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. Sandormen View Profile View Posts. Your choice, really.

You just have to come up with a 'perfect' build for it, and learn how to use it. A very subjective question They fill my playstyle requirements, and meet said requirements with what i have equipped on them But then maybe the D9 or the Mat'Ha might be if i get around to taking them out of dock The answer though would be whatever T6 you do the best in Well that comes to what you equip your ship with.

I would suggest that you read over the info in the link below. If someone does offer a concrete answer to this too-generic question, you should probably igonore them, because they're not actually trying to be helpful, they're just telling you what they prefer like its gospel. Now, if you could share some more information, such as preferred play style, how comfortable you are with maneuvering in STO's space combat, and which faction you are, that'd let people gauge which ship might be best for you as opposed to somebody else, and you might get some legitimately helpful suggestions.

Originally posted by The Arkady :.

Infinity Prize Pack: Personal Trait (Space)

It's my favorite, but I like flying around PvE in my own personal fleet laying waste to everything around me. It's awful in PvP, though. Originally posted by btump :. Vellari View Profile View Posts. Just to be clear, the ship itself has very little to do on how it performs. It only defines the "frame" to make your build ie.

Everything else comes from your equipment, weapons, consoles, traits, boffs, doffs, etc. Last edited by Vellari ; 23 May, am. Originally posted by Vellari :.

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Let's also not forget the importance regarding the base turn rate, if the ship can or can't equip DHC's or not, or does it get a flanking raider bonus to damage when attacking a target from behind The "What's the best T6 ship? Meaning the best at what? Best at Tanking damage? Dealing damage? Most maneuverable?

Each of those will have a different answer even if you take the out of box stock version or an unlimited EC budget build version For the free to play players, every free T6 ship they can get is best.

Originally posted by Dave of Infamy :.Note to 44th Fleet Members: Click here for a deeper and more advanced insight with our game mechanics guide. Before I start, are there any game-settings I need to adjust first? As a beginner, what should I invest in early in the game? It is a worthwhile investment as it bundles a number of extra bank and inventory spaces, two Boff slots and three retrain tokens in one discount pack for 1, instead of 2, zen.

Traits for torp boat enthusiasts

Especially if you plan to play STO for a while it will be welcome. Btw you can earn the 1, zen just playing the game — though it will take a few weeks. Lifetime unlocks a number of Veteran Rewards which include unique ships, uniforms and other game perks, plus a monthly zen stipend. But STO is Play4freeright? Most definitely. I am just starting my first character, which career is best? Depends on what your preferred playstyle is.

sto best space traits 2019

Basically a Tactical captain does damage, an Engineer captain can tank absorb damage and a Scientist captain does wizard stuff like drain, hold and heal. The fun part is you can mix and match and either specialize in say an Engineer tanking in a massive cruiser, or combine a science captain healer in a fast zippy tactical heavy escort. I am unsure which race to pick.

Pick an alien! You can visually model an alien as the standard Human, Vulcan, Andorian etc but also to non-standard Cardassians and many-many others. These are the main types in the game, with each having their strengths and weaknesses.

Escorts — do heavy damage with their dual heavy cannons, but weak hull and shields. Compact designs, very maneuverable. Cruisers — average damage through all beams but strong hulls and decent shields. Lowest turn rate. Science Vessels — specializes on healing, debuffing and damage through exotic powers like Gravity Well. Average hulls but strong shields.I'd like to upgrade some of my starship traits and was wondering if there were any good ones for sale on the exchange.

I'd welcome some suggestions!

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March There are a few, but not sure would work. Its also a bit dependant on if you're Fed or KDF. Yang Xiao Long wrote:. I can't take it anymore!

sto best space traits 2019

I have both Fed and KDF toons. Mostly tactical.

Cube timers

I'd welcome any suggestions! Also before they started making traits more easily accessable there were several faction specific traits that were in lockboxes for opposing factions, like Overwhelming Force.

So for example, if you wanted the Honored Dead trait for your Fed, you would only have to look for that on the Exchange, whereas a KDF would have to get and level the Sarco. Without knowing your playstyle and what would work with your build So are you looking for a bit more survivability or a little bit more firepower March edited March There aren't a lot of space traits that you can just buy outright, some of the good ones are from actual ships that you buy and then level them for the trait like the Zahl for Invincible, the Astika for Supremacy, etc.

Bridge Officer Traits - Star Trek Online

Even those two aren't really used a lot anymore. Improved Critical Systems is a good one and it's free as well. Most of the exchange traits I have are personal space traits, there are a lot of those available.

Looking for a fun PvE fleet?Personal traits are selectable for each player and can be changed in game whenever out of combat. A visual table of the race-specific personal traits can be found here. Each player starts with 6 personal trait slots, 3 each for ground and for space combat 4 each for Alien characters.

The traits contained in these slots can be changed in game whenever out of combat. Until level 602 additional personal trait slots 1 ground, 1 space are unlocked every 10 levels, resulting in a total of 18 slots 9 ground, 9 space available at max-level total of 20 for Alien characters. The total number of available Personal traits i. Race-specific Personal traits are optionally selectable based on the player's race not to be confused with the unchangeable, innate species traits.

Races available to more than one faction, such as Alien or Liberated Borg, have the same trait choices available regardless of faction. Career-specific traits are selectable Personal traits exclusive to each Career path. Unlockable Personal traits are traits available to players of all factions, which can be unlocked by obtaining a specific Genetic Resequencer Box either from a lockbox or as a mission reward or by reaching level 15 in each Research and Development school.

Unlockable traits can be added to the player's selectable Personal traits via Genetic Resequencers, available as a random drop from Lockboxes and also available from the Exchange.

Mission-specific traits can be added to the player's selectable Personal traits by completing specific missions. Sign In. From Star Trek Online Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : Glossary Traits. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. Last modified: 14 July at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Tal Shiar Lock Box. Elachi Lock Box. Voth Lock Box.Sign In.

Massively's Guide to the Character Traits of Star Trek Online

From Star Trek Online Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Modifiers [ edit source ] Hangar pet's performance is affected by various factors, all listed below.

Subsystem Auxiliary Power level will determine the recharge rate before hangar pet can be launched again; if Auxiliary subsystem is knocked offline, the hangar will not operate.

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Hivebearer : When launching a hangar pet or when hangar pet dies: Spawns a Hur'q Swarmer for 30 seconds max 8 Swarmers at a time. Improved Tachyon Beam : Tachyon Beam also regenerates shields of allies within 10km.

Template:Hangar modifiers

Scramble Fighters : Instant Hull Heal; a short duration buff that renders them immune to all damage, and a boost to damage dealt. Unified Engineering : Activating any Command bridge officer ability or Auxiliary to Structural will grant a buff to hull capacity, regeneration, flight speed, and turn rate for a short duration. Flight Deck Officer : Increases the accuracy of any carrier pet launched from your hangar bays while they are in Intercept mode.

Flight Deck Officer : Increases the damage of any carrier pet launched from your hangar bays while they are in Escort mode. Bridge Officer abilities Following abilities grant either a direct damage increase to hangar pets or indirect through target's resistance debuff: Attack Pattern Beta Attack Pattern Delta : In combination with Conn Officer DOff which applies a team wide effect.

Overwhelm Emitters : Attacking a target under effect of this ability will heal shields of hangar pets. Coalition Disruptor Weapons : Pets dealing Disruptor Damage will benefit from target's damage resistance debuff. Category : Item templates. Navigation menu Namespaces Template Discussion. Views View Edit source History. Last modified: 26 June at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO.Temporal Operatives can manipulate the fabric of reality to turn probability and causality on its head, shifting the tide of battle in their favor.

Temporal Operatives lean heavily on Exotic Damage and Kit Module abilities, belying their roots as a science-heavy specialization. While in Ground Combat, dealing weapon damage to a foe that has at least one Damage-over-Time effect already applied will also apply a damage resistance debuff to them for several seconds.

Your starship weapons gain a chance to inflict a short-duration Physical Damage-over-Time effect. The chance is greater for projectiles than it is for directed energy weapons.

While in Space Combat, dealing weapon damage to a foe that has at least one Damage-over-time effect already applied will also apply a damage resistance debuff to them for several seconds. Increase how quickly certain abilities recharge. In Ground Combat, this ability speeds up the recharge of Kit Modules. This effect can stack several times, each time adding additional Temp HP to your current pool. This affect is immediately applied when the Kit Module is activated, and only affects Secondary Firing Modes that are already in cooldown.

Effect cannot be triggered by Sweeping Strikes attacks. Whenever you are struck by a foe within melee range, there is a chance you will automatically Stun that foe for several seconds, preventing them from moving or taking action. When Temporal Rebuke is triggered, the affected enemy is also afflicted with a Physical Damage-over-Time effect for several seconds.

Activating any Exotic Damage ability will provide you with a temporary buff that improves the speed of your Energy Weapons' firing cycles, making them both activate and recharge more quickly. Anomalies summoned by you are now mobile and will move at a slow pace toward whatever enemy you currently have targeted.

Anomalies affected by this:. Your mines and targetable torpedoes are slightly out-of-phase, granting them the ability to absorb a small amount of incoming damage before being destroyed. This is represented as Temporary Hitpoints, and may allow them to survive enemy fire and hazardous anomalies. Your ship will teleport approximately 8km from its current location, become briefly untargetable, and have its hull and shields restored by a large amounts.

This action will also wipe all accumulated threat vs.Copy From Another Copy. Equip Item Equip to Empty.

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Edit Remove. Right-click on a skill to view the description. You can scroll horizontally to see additional skills. Primary: Secondary:. Specialization skills are already unlocked due to the fact that they can all be unlocked in game. Set Primary Set Secondary. Set Secondary.

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sto best space traits 2019

Load from file. Subject optional Version 5 conversion bug Something is missing Something is incorrect I found a bug I have a suggestion Other. Attachments must be an image or a Skill Planner save file. Attachment 1 optional Attachment 2 optional Attachment 3 optional. All rights reserved. Current Item: Clear Slot.

Item Editor. Copy the link below to link directly to this tab. Ground Skill Unlocks.

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Engineering Skill Unlocks. EPS Corruption Corrupt the electro-plasma systems of your foe, causing them to burn out components over time. Activating directed energy weapons will also cause the victim to suffer additional plasma damage, as the corrupted EPS is fed additional power. Science Skill Unlocks. Probability Manipulation For a small window of time, you can force the universe to see things your way, vastly increasing the chance that every bit of damage done to your foes will be a Critical Hit.

Tactical Skill Unlocks.

sto best space traits 2019

Focused Frenzy Mark the target foe, and devote all available resources to taking them down. Each time you hit the marked foe with an energy weapon, your weapon's firing cycles will speed up progressively faster and faster. Setup Traits Equipment Equip.


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