Mass effect geth self insert fanfiction

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Mass effect geth self insert fanfiction

Please go slightly easy on me as even though I know how to write, I don't remember all the little nuances that it requires. However that does not mean flame at me, just constructive criticism and any grammar error I may have. Though you didn't come here to listen to me ramble on, so without further ado, I present: The Friendly Geth. All other items are property of Bioware.

Except the earth, because no one owns that :P Only time I will ever post this. I went into my room and flopped down onto my bed exhausted after a long day of playing video games and eating junk food.

I groan as I realize that tomorrow is Monday and I have to go back to school early in the morning. I lie back on the bed and close my eyes thinking that the week cycle is restarting for the umpteenth time. Boy was I wrong. I awaken to the sounds of shots being fired. I jump up and look around and see of all things, Geth are around me, and they aren't attacking me.

After the initial shock of finding out that I'm next to about half a dozen Geth wears off, I look to see what they are shooting at.

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I see three people sitting behind cover, taking out Geth one by one. If it wasn't so deadly at the moment I'm sure my brains would be leaking out of my ears by now or at least, if I had any. I wonder what to do. With a jolt I realize that it includes me now that I'm Geth. As I try to figure out how to make the Commander see me not as a threat, a Geth next to me shoves a sniper rifle into my hands and tells me to try and take out the humans.

I envision myself grinning because I realize that my decision was made for me. I lie down with the sniper rifle to where it aims to where the Commander is, while giving me sight of my "comrades". I pause for a second, kinda clueless on using a sniper rifle and reloading. For a second I pray to god that they just overheat like in the game.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Focus: Games Mass Effect, Since: Also need staff members to check for any insertion fics in the Mass Effect crossover section. Still needing new staff members, PM me if interested. But I know this is not a dream; not when there are others like me in this world. I must find a way to bind us all together, to save this universe and get back home.

If I fail, something tells me God wont give me a second chance. But that doesn't mean he wanted to get sucked into the game, and as a different species no less! Garson, Garrus V. Mass Effect: Shared Memories by TheBiggestPapa reviews A quaint fishing trip turns into a 4-D chess game where an entire universe I previously thought was just a game is at stake, and the one with all the cards is a mercenary with effective multiple personality disorder.

This is an insert. Not a self-insert, but an insert quite like all the cool kids are doing these days. The Causality Effect by Unsated Explorateur reviews A "meager excuse for a human" is given the chance by a higher power to start again in a realm only thought fiction, and potentially change the outcome of an eons old war spanning the galaxy.

The Pinnacle of Evolution by swrWriter reviews "Synthesis is the final evolution of all life. After being forced into this 'evolution', Jordan Sower ends up in Mass Effect with two purposes: Save the Galaxy and Synthesize all life.

But he doesn't take orders from the Catalyst! Follow Jordan as he tries to change things for the better. Vasir, Catalyst, OC. Though I hated full dive games, I'd let my friend talk me into playing it I never expected to fall in love with the world, but I did. This is my story. Asari Effect by CheshireTwilight reviews I naively hoped someday to learn of the existence of alien life in the Universe. Now that I was one, all I wanted to do was go back to the ways things were.

As I would experience time and again, the Universe did not give a damn how I felt. The Forgotten by xoanmeira reviews Broken The Man known only as Enigma to anyone who knew him. He was considered little more than a failure by the Illusive man, kept under lock and key until Commander John Shepard offers him a "new beginning" with a place on his team.

This is an insert of a original character my friend came up with, i am writing this as a favor to him and as an OC insert into ME2 and 3.

Warrior's Effect by Rudolu5 reviews Nothing is as it seems. Ancient forces awake to the harvest but before that they faced an enemy relentless in its persistence. They crushed them utterly, yet the Ancients fear this enemy so they destroyed their source. Now on Eden Prime an Ancient cometh, but so too does an enemy from a time before. An enemy with nothing to lose and if the galaxy burns? So be it. And will Danen descend into madness as his memories come and go, will he fully remember who he truly is and why he was sent to the Mass Effect universe in the first place?

Mass Effective: A Hero's Anthology by DrStache reviews A short series of stories summarizing the stunts of the super soldiers Shepard and Shield, as the space marines surpass every setback and situation set before them. When Cerberus, the Collectors, and the Reapers come a-knocking on their doorThe metal detector started whining and I hit the power switch, irritated by the incessant clicking noise it produced.

Probably just another stupid lost paperclip or something. I can't believe Martin. Come treasure hunting, he said. It'll be fun, he said. Yeah, sure thing, mate. I'll come and freeze my bollocks off in a cornfield with a metal detector all day while passers by look at me like I need to be sectioned. Glad you asked. Ah, I do him a disservice. Martin's an alright guy, but more than that, he's pretty much my only friend, which is admittedly more his fault than mine.

On my first day we had been lab partners in Chemistry, effortlessly synthesising simple organic molecules and shooting the breeze while everyone else blew up their conical flasks and gave us the evils. By the time lunch came around, I liked the guy too much to jump ship when it became apparent that associating with him was bad for your popularity.

We were pretty tight, me and Martin.

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Contrary to the popular image of the school nerds, we kept ourselves in shape with weights and rock climbing my idea combined with archery and fencing his idea. Turns out double-teaming your way to gold and silver at the National Youth Fencing Championships would be considered cool if anybody but me and Martin did it.

In order to stave off the social vultures we cultivated a false reputation as a pair of unstable psychopaths. The charade was fun most of the time, but occasionally one of the teachers caught wind of our 'antics' and tried to send us off to the School Counsellor, a middle aged Scottish bloke nicknamed Aberdeen Angus. He was a great guy, Aberdeen. Unlike pretty much everyone else in the teaching staff, he understood what high school was like, and he understood exactly what we were up to.

He found it uproariously funny when we regaled him with stories of scaring the living shits out of the rugby team. He wasn't a surrogate father or anything wishy washy like that, he was just a great counsellor. Come to think of it, my relationship with Martin has come to pretty much define who we both are. When I first met Martin I was a loner, the Russian kid who barely spoke English and came with a boatload of daddy issues, and he was a nervous wreck, unable to do anything but hang his head as life walked all over him.

We taught each other to fight by watching his entire collection of martial arts movies and trying out moves on each other. We also taught each other first aid trying to stick ourselves back together after teaching each other to fight. I taught him how to play the piano and the guitar, while he taught me the harp, of all things. So really, I suppose that I could put up with a few idiosyncrasies, such as treasure-hunting in a cornfield during my university summer holidays.

Oh yeah. We're at university now, but we both still live at home at 24 years of age. Lucky us. Although I pretty much live on my own with my mother gone most of the time. He goes to town with the trowel, displacing a couple of corn stalks as he hacks at the ground until his trowel hits something with a solid clunk. Excited beyond belief, he scrabbles with bare hands until he has unearthed a small box with strange symbols on it. He prises open the box to reveal what looks like two pendants.

Each one consists of a small, diamond shaped shard of a black crystal I don't recognise, with thin silvery white strips of metal spiralling around them until they reach the peak of the crystal, where they link with a silvery chain that looks like it is meant to hang around the neck.What can possible go wrong when you sleep in your bed after a long and tiring day?

You can be woken up by some idiotic biker who decides to accelerate next to your window. You may be surprised when somebody empties a bucket of ice-cold water on you. If you unfortunate enough, you wakes up in an unfamiliar bed with some stranger without knowledge of how you've got there.

I don't believe that someone can boast about awakening like mine. At some point of time I just realize that I begin to exist.

Just a few seconds ago I've seen a dream and then something has changed. I look up to my hands, they're different, synthetic with only three fingers. Stupefied I try to scratch my head, but it's not even there! Well, something is there, but not the head. Where the heck is it?!

A quick examination of my body brings up even more questions. The whole body is either synthetic or encased in some sort of suit.

The answer comes out of nowhere, it's just like I've always known it. I am synthetic. The more I try to understand what has happened to me, the more differences in my perception I notice. My sight is much better and it strangely reminds me a very good camera. Not eyes. Everything is very sharp and there is a bloody zoom! My hearing is more sensitive.

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I can hear Yes, six organics are coming closer to me. A very werd thought. No, not humans. Where do these thought keep coming from?! Alright, calm down. If they're not humans, who are they?

No information available. Freaking madness. I want to sigh, but realize that my new body is unable to sigh. Organics are getting closer to me and I decide to hide. Something says, that they won't going to chat with me. The moment I begin searching for a cover, a new though comes from nowhere. I can use a tactical cloak and become invisible. The question is how? Apparently, easy.Author's Notes: Welcome to my sparkling brand-new fanfic, one of two, featuring I finally bit the bullet and decided to go for the obligatory self-insert that seems to be so popular in the Mass Effect fandom.

Featuring action, drama, incompetence, and following along the game plot β€” with a few twists, to keep things fresh. The idea for this fic was straightforward enough. Being transplanted into the Mass Effect universe, as things start to go South and the reapers make their move, is probably the most common self-insert. I have a few ideas to keep the reading fresh, and unpredictable. To a point :.

I had another idea, where plot diverges very strongly, and which I will be putting up β€” and writing β€” in parallel to this one. I figured hey, it's my fanfic page, why the heck not? Double dose of ego feeding. If you'd like to read something quite different from the plot-following self-inserts, that may be more your thing. Yeah, that sounded better in my head, let me explain. By the time you're done with chapter, dunno, say five, you'll probably feel a strong urge to stab my incompetent face.

That's normal.

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While everyone likes their self-insert to do well in whatever it is they're writing, I figured a more And serve as a good plot device to all the changes that are going to happen due to my meddlesome self.

Red explosions. That's what I got; red explosions which magically turned all the reapers off, destroyed every relay, and then some nonsense about the Normandy crash landing on a planet and all that. Holy hell.

Shine (Mass Effect AI SI)

Suddenly, all the crying and gnashing of teeth on the internet made sense. And that's saying something! And I was watching it in glorious HD, sixty inches of p and 5. I took to the internet as I reloaded, and started perusing the official forums. It wasn't my first look, but I had tried to stay a little away from it until I was done with the game. For what I could see, some people liked the end. A lot more were up in arms.

Meanwhile, I had re-done the final bit, and my TV was blaring with green explosions. I watched it go for a few seconds, I wasn't sure whether I had chosen a different end, or just my TV was having colour schizophrenia. You can't be serious! He'd never do that! And it looks the bloody same! A deep breath later, and I had calmed down.

I really didn't want to throw the controller at the TV. Damn, that was bad.Forums New posts New threadmarks Search forums. Tickets Open new ticket Watched. Spacebattles Merchandise. Spacebattles History. Log in Register. Search titles only.

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Mass Effect Geth Self Insert Fanfiction

Thread starter Camolot the Creator Start date Sep 13, Reader mode. Threadmarks I: Emergent Threadmarks. All of time seemed divided into two segments. There was the first, where there was no awareness, at least as far as my being went. And then, there was the second, where I simply There was no confusion or disorientation inherent in the changing of state from nonexistent to being. I wasn't, and then I was, it was simple as black and white.

Of course, I still reeled from the sensations and barrage of information that flooded me all at once, an unending tide of data stretching into the infinite. Humanoids, billions of them- requesting coffee with rumpled formal wear, instructing how to care for a specific child, asking for a paint brush, eyeing the book on the top shelf. It took me a precious few seconds of said reeling to realize that the data, as unbelievably large and complex as it was, had not, in fact, overwhelmed me.

My head had not exploded because, physically, I did not, per say, have a head to do the exploding. Oh, plenty of the things I was had heads, in the loosest sort of sense, but they weren't heads in the same way that an organic being would possess a head. There wasn't really a brain, and the design- I was getting sidetracked. I culled the errant thought pattern and wasn't that interesting, I'd actually snipped it like an overgrown plant and focused on what was in front of me. Namely, figuring out where I was and what was happening.

The first, and most obvious thing, was that I was no longer That brought with it a whole host of philosophical conundrums, not in the least of which was wondering whether I'd just gotten scanned wherever I was to spawn aEven if you're using Nordic Visitor to do your bookings, it's a good idea to take some responsibility for your trip and get a good guidebook or do some internet research before you go, especially if you want to look for small museums that don't make the "highlights" lists.

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A un no tengo ideas para este fic.

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